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Light Rail / Tramline Point Heating

Light rail/Tramline city systems are challenged in severe winter weather conditions. The turnouts are sensible to snow and ice. Not only when it is snowing, but long time after it has stopped snowing. Cars, snow ploughs, bicycles and pedestrians move the snow around and push the snow back into the embedded turnouts. This calls for a point heating system that is build to these challenges. A system that is not just heating 24/7 but save energy without compromising the traffic regularity.

Blue Point SCADA Software

BLUE POINT city system for efficient energy saving point heating.

The System is built around four elements:

  1. Quality heating elements
  2. Weather stations
  3. Power control cubicles
  4. BLUE POINT software system + Weather forecast service

All turnouts are equipped with our SL series of heating elements. SL elements are IP67/68 and made of Monel 400 steel. They are designed to resist the salty conditions on a de-iced road. Typical lifetime is 5-10 years.

A low number of local weather stations are positioned around in the city. They report wireless to the BLUE POINT system about the weather (air and rail temperature and snow fall).

The BLUE POINT system then communicates to all control cubicles about which to heat and how much. Each control cubicle reports back about status and errors. Each control cubicle can control from 2 to 32 heating elements.

The BLUE POINT system receives electronic weather forecast every hour. If that information says snow is coming, the turnout will be set into pre-heating. The system stops heating and saves energy all the cold winter hours where there are no snow problems. A system that typically saves 40-70% energy.

The system is flexible to fit existing installation.

The BLUE POINT City solution can be delivered as a cloud solution. This saves IT resources, investments and time.


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SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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