Technical Electrical Heating


Technical Electrical Heating


Latest News about Corona to all Customers, Suppliers and Others with contact to our Company

It will be possible to contact us by telephone and e-mail as usual, and the warehouse will be open as usual. However, you must expect that as far as possible we will keep a minimum level of contact with the person delivering goods.

We will not receive any visitors others than suppliers, who deliver goods.

All departments will be staffed, and the production is kept running, considering the situation.


Seneste nyt om Corona til alle kunder, leverandører og andre med kontakt til huset.

Der vil være mulighed for at kontakte os via telefon og mail som normalt, og lageret vil være åbent som normalt. Man bedes dog være opmærksom på, at der i videst muligt omfang, vil være minimal kontakt med den, der leverer.

Der modtages ikke besøgende på adressen, andre end leverandører, der skal levere varer.

Der vil være bemanding i alle afdelinger, og produktionen opretholdes under hensyntagen til situationen.

Our Business areas

Company presentation

More than 60 years of experience within technical electrical heating solutions.

Our main business areas are technical electric heating for wind turbines, complete switch point heating systems with control for the railway sector, heating for the process industry and electrical heating cables for any possible purpose.

Additionally, our product range comprises decorative oilfilled panel radiators and towel warmers as well as comfort radiators for e.g. churches.


San Electro Heat


SAN's fundamental view is to create high product quality.


SAN's mission is to be the customers' natural first choice as supplier and collaborator within industrial technical electrical heating.


To design, market and manufacture customized solutions within industrial technical electric heating.


SAN's main objective is to create high customer satisfaction and thus ensure growth of the company.



Member of NIBE Group

SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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Gillelejevej 30b
DK-3230, Graested, Denmark

CVR: 42165913

Tel.: +45 4839 8888
Fax: +45 4839 8898
[email protected]