Industrial heating

Electrical Heating Solutions

SAN specializes in, together with the customers, to develop, design and manufacture cost effective heating solutions. We have more than 60 years experience and have delivered our products for numorous industries and process heating applications.

We design, develop and manufacture all types of systems for electrical heating of gases, liquids, vapours and solids.

We can deliver process immersion heaters for all kinds of applications and any type of medium - from small low watt heaters to large mega watt heaters and have delivered to customers all over the world.  We supply vessels in all kinds of steel and even to high pressure heaters.

SAN has long experience in designing air duct heating and work with leading OEM manufacturers in indstries where air heating is required.

SAN can also deliver ATEX and IECEx approved process heaters both for gas and dust, these can also be supplied with vessels, ducts and control panels.

SAN can also design and manufacture high voltage heaters.


  • Long life expectancy of the heater
  • Low power consumption due to professionally
    engineered heating solutions and controls
  • Sales engineers with long experience and knowledge.
  • Dedicated and experienced design team.
  • Large production facility and test lab.


Our process heaters are approved according to international standards and designed according to customers' request.

SAN Approvals for Industrial Applications

Member of NIBE Group

SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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