Radiators and Towel Warmers

SAN Heating Solutions create the Ideal Indoor Climate. Comfort is a matter of everything being just right. Exactly the way you want it. That’s why our electronic thermostats enable the temperature to be controlled easily and precisely, down to the last degree. But comfort goes beyond the actual temperature of the room – it is also about how the heat feels.

SAN Comfort Heating Radiators

The reason we have developed vegetable oil-filled systems is that they do not dry the air by evaporating all the moisture from it. The result is a natural radiant heat throughout the room.

Because our radiators emit a comfortable, radiant heat, they are able to operate at low surface temperatures. And this provides your with many advantages. Firstly, the radiator is never too hot to touch. Secondly, dust circulation is reduced, which is good for any family with allergies. Thirdly the radiator doesn’t burn dust, which means no unpleasant odours. All in all, these simply add up to a more comfortable life indoors.



  • Yali Comfort Oil filled Radiator

    Panel Radiator - Yali Digital

    Our Yali Digital is a modern panel radiator with lots of new features. It is Ideal for any room in the house, and offers excellent temperature control. The clear visual display is discreetly placed on the side of the radiator.
  • SAN Yali Ramo Oilfilled Radiator

    Panel Radiator - Yali Ramo

    The slim Yali Ramo has an attractive front, with straight side panels and an upper grid. The smooth details of the Yali series is visualized in full in Yali Ramo
  • SAN Yali Parada Oilfilled Radiator

    Panel Radiator - Yali Parada

    With its digital control and display the Yali Parada adds a simple yet powerful detail to your home. The fully programmable temperature range, operating modes and surface temperature gives you flexibility and makes it easy to anyone to use.
  • SAN Yali GV

    Panel Radiator - Yali GV

    The new vertical Yali GV is perfect when you do not have wall space below large windows or when you want to save wall space and utilize wall surfaces.
  • SAN Yali Comfort

    Panel Radiator - Yali Comfort

    For new-build and renovations alike, the Yali Comfort is a great mid-range option for heating the family home.
  • SAN Kaba

    Panel Radiator - Kaba

    Kaba is a perfect supplement heat source for those spaces in the home used infrequently.
  • SAN Epok

    Decorative Radiator - Epok

    The retro design of the Epok H and V makes it perfect for both modern and traditional interiors.
  • SAN Tamari

    Decorative Radiator - Tamari

    The clean, sharp lines of the Tamari produce a tangible sense of strength and beauty.
  • SAN Langila radiator

    Decorative Radiator - Langila

    The straight lines of Langila create a sensible aura of aesthetic charme and the desire for cubistic surfaces.
  • SAN Sanbe radiator

    Decorative Radiator - Sanbe

    The rounded form of Sanbe provides an elegant design solution in almost any interior. With its slightly rounded edges, Sanbe excludes a refined elegance that subtly enhances your interior’s style and comfort.
  • SAN Jarl Towel Warmer

    Towel Warmer - Jarl

    Any bathroom or kitchen that is used often will leave you with plenty of wet towels.
  • SAN Nila Towel Warmer

    Towel Warmer - Nila

    The Nila has a classic design that makes it suitable for any interior. Available in a chrome or white gloss finis. The rounded corners and rails gives the impression of softness.
  • SAN Athema Towel Warmer

    Towel Warmer - Athena

    If you like bold, geometric shapes you should choose the Athena A. Its contrasting curves and right angles gives you an eye-catching effect, and still leaves you plenty of space for your wet towels.
  • SAN Muria Towel Warmer

    Towel Warmer - Muria

    The smooth coils of the Muria trick the eye, and create an instant visual drama in your bathroom and plenty of space for hanging your towels.
  • SAN Alaid Towel Warmer

    Towel Warmer - Alaid

    The white painted Alaid has a rounded shape that offers a large surface area in a compact design with a thoroughly modern appearance.

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SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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