Load Resistor - 1.5MW - 3x690V

Mobile load resistor for test of wind turbines

Load resistor


SAN load resistor, load resistor 1.5MW - 3x690V, divided into 24 groups (group 1-2 690V / group 3-24 3x690V. Consisting of stainless steel frame covered by 2mm stainless steel plate, mounted with 252 off heating elements Ø10,2mm, equipped with terminal box with built-in temperature limiters type EGO, motor protection and ventilator.

Load resistor mounted with lifting brackets for transport and U-rails in the bottom in case of truck lifting together with grating at the outlet end. Terminal boxes are situated at the top of the load resistor, and raised 195mm due to heat transmission.

Technical data


Specific load


Dimensions heating elements

Ø10,2 x 5950 x 300mm

Dimension duct

HxWxL 1000x1000x3400mm

Materials heating elements


Material duct

AISI 304

Material terminal box

AISI 304


3kW - 3x400V, 50Hz, 4-pole with built-in thermo switch

Air volume

14500m³/h, at approx. 460 Pa cst

Air velocity


Number of terminal boxes

3 off

Protection class, terminal boxes


Temperature limiter

3 off, adjustable 100-700°C, 1-pole 400V - 10A



Member of NIBE Group

SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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