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Electric Heating Solution for Spray Drying

Food processing and spraydrying. Shift to electric heating with the Closed Coil Heaters from SAN Electro Heat

SAN Electro Heat's Closed Coil Heaters are an advanced electric heating solution, specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry. With its unique construction and impressive performance, these heaters are ideal for spray drying and industrial food processing.

Key Features

  • Compact Design: The Closed Coil Heater is designed to be space-saving without compromising on efficiency. Its compact size makes it easy to integrate into existing production lines.
  • Cool Exterior: Thanks to its cool exterior, the Closed Coil Heater is safe to touch, reducing the risk of burns and creating a safer working environment. Additionally, this feature is advantageous if the heater is placed in refrigerated rooms.
  • Efficient at Low Flows: The heater is optimized to function at low flow rates, making it perfect for precision tasks in food processing.
  • Flexible Sizes: To meet various needs and applications, the Closed Coil Heater is available in up to 7 different sizes. All heaters from SAN Electro Heat are customized according the specific needs of the customer.
Original Closed Coil Heaters from SAN Electro Heat. 

Original Closed Coil Heaters from SAN Electro Heat

Benefits for the Food Industry

  • Energy and Cost Efficient: The electric heating solution ensures quick and even heating, which can reduce energy consumption and operational costs.
  • High Reliability: The Closed Coil Heater is built to last and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring continuous operation and reduced downtime.
  • Quality Processing: Precise temperature control improves product quality and consistency in food production.
  • Green Transition: You have the opportunity to switch from gas and oil heating to electric heating with green electricity.


  • Spray drying of food and beverages
  • Industrial food processing
  • Other specific heating applications in the food sector

Technical data



Air and Nitrogen

Output kW

1-125 kW

Output temperature

Up to 350°C



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