System Blue Point 

  • Blue Point SCADA Software

    Switch Point Heating Elements

    SAN is known for its high quality point heating elements. Elements based on a unique dual insulation layer technology. This improves vibration/shock absorbents and improves the electrical isolation. Proven record of lifetime of 25-30 years.
  • Blue Point SCADA Software

    Control Cubicles

    With our SAN System Blue Point we offer you an energy efficient power control of the electrical switch point heating. The System Blue Point control system secures reliable railway traffic through the switch points under snow or icing conditions, using a minimum of energy.
  • Blue Point SCADA Software

    Blue Point Supervision Software

    Improve the efficiency of your point heating system with an intuitive monitoring and control software. Choose our Cloud solution with web access or traditional installation on your own server. Blue Point SCADA software is an on-line management and control software that will bond all your switch points together. Manage alarms, weather status, energy consumption, forced heating etc.
  • Blue Point SCADA Software

    Safety Transformers

    Railway workplaces require an extraordinary care for operating with electro technical products. To maintain the required user protection against electrical hazards, it may be necessary to install safety and insulating transformers
  • Blue Point SCADA Software

    Light Rail / Tramline Point Heating

    Light rail/Tramline city systems are challenged in severe winter weather conditions. The turnouts are sensible to snow and ice. Not only when it is snowing, but long time after it has stopped snowing. Cars, snow ploughs, bicycles and pedestrians move the snow around and push the snow back into the embedded turnouts. This calls for a point heating system that is build to these challenges. A system that is not just heating 24/7 but save energy without compromising the traffic regularity.

Member of NIBE Group

SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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