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Blue Point Supervision Software

Improve the efficiency of your point heating system with an intuitive monitoring and control software. Choose our Cloud solution with web access or traditional installation on your own server. Blue Point SCADA software is an on-line management and control software that will bond all your switch points together. Manage alarms, weather status, energy consumption, forced heating etc.

Blue Point SCADA Software

Save additional 40 Percent Energy

Add "Weather forecast" to our Blue Point SCADA solution and heat only when it is needed. Blue Point will get electronic weather forecast every hour about the very local winter weather condition +1, +2, +3 hours ahead. Based on this information the Blue Point SCADA will ask the controllers in the field to prepare for snow or white ice or switch off the heat power.

Reduce IT Investments and Maintenance

Blue Point is also offered as a cloud solution. No need for investments in servers, software lincenses or communication servers. Get access to the application by tablets, smart phones or PC. SAN Electro Heat will host the application and your data. SAN will also setup and run a secure communication network to all controller cubicles. Save money on no maintenance of software licenses, drivers, operation system etc.

Energy Management - Energy Saving

Every cubicle in the field has energy counters. The Blue Point SCADA will collect energy data and make statistics easy for analyzing the system. It is possible to tune in almost every set value in each control cubicle. A fine tuning of the system could easily gain 10-15% energy saving and still keep the high efficiency.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

All alarms are categorized. The most critical alarms will push an email to assigned people, for immediate action. Other alarms can wait for action until you have pooled enough work to make a "maintenance tour". This will reduce expensive service calls to low priority alarms.

Export Important Information to Existing Systems

The SCADA system can be extended with an interface to your traffic operational system, signalling system, power management system etc. This will ensure that each person do not drown in too much information. The Blue Point SCADA will then stay as the "expert system" for maintenance departments. All other departments will use the limited distributed information.



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SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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