Termostater og Styring


Termostater til alle formål - rumtermostater, gulvtermostater, termostater til elektronikskabe, elektroniske termostater, analoge termostater, systemer til fugtkontrol, etc.

Sørg for optimale betingelser i dit kabinet og kontaktskabe ved at bruge vores systemer til temperatur og fugtstyring.  Vores temperaturregulatorer og hygrostater styrer og regulerer tilsluttede varmere, filterblæsere og varmevekslere i både AC og DC applikationer (DC regulatorer)

Derudover leverer vi også termostater til gulvvarme, rumopvarmning, frostbeskyttelse eller temperaturvedligeholdelse og alle andre industrielle formål. Temperaturbegrænsere, temperaturstyringer, is- og snemeldere.

Endelig leverer vi en lang række termostater og overvågningsudstyr til eksplosionsfarlige områder.


  • SAN Termonic Thermostat

    Electronic Thermostat

    Type Termonic - universal electronic thermostat for regulating the temperature in both cooling- and heating plants. It has 3 temperature ranges: -15°/+40°C / +40°/+95°C / +95°/+150°C
  • SAN T7000 Thermostat

    Electronic Temperature Control

    Type T7000Electronic temperature control with OID return wiring
  • SAN ELTC 05 Frost Protection Thermostat

    Electronic Frost Protection Thermostat

    Type ELTC 05 - electronic temperature controller designed for use as an ambient thermostat and surface thermostat with remote sensor. Cable glands and terminals are provided for power input. The unit is supplied in a weather proof plastic enclosure for wall mounting with a grey cover
  • SAN TM1-P Room Thermostat

    Electronic Room Thermostat

    Type TM1-P - 1-step electronic room thermostat for control of climate and air handling facilities. For control of heating or cooling coils, fan heaters, fans, DX-cooling, solenoid valves, heating cable, floor heating, for use in alarm systems, etc.
  • SAN EGO Thermostat


    Type EGO - thermostat equipped with 2 capillary tubes, one for the temperature range and one for the limiter temperature. Both are lead into the same thermo well. When the limiter temperature has been reached, the thermostat must be  manually reset.
  • SAN 31913

    Temperature Limiter

    Type 31913 - Thermal cut-out fixed at 140°C -20K OFF
  • SAN OCC2 Thermostat

    Floor Heating Thermostat

    Type OCC2 - digital thermostat, programmable - with or without floor and room sensor. Control heating systems to obtain comfort temperatures with minimum power consumption
  • SAN ETO02 Snow Detector

    Ice and Snow Detector - ETO2

    Type ETOWe cannot change the weather - but we can control the consequences
  • SAN KTS Thermostat

    Thermostat - small

    Type KTO 011 / KTS011
  • SAN STO Thermostat

    Thermostat - compact thumbwheel

    Type STO 011 / STS 011 thermostat - an SPST regulator with small hysteresis. The housing design ensures optimized air circulation around the sensor element.
  • SAN FTO 011 Thermostat

    Thermostat - tamperproof

    Type FTO 011 / FTS 011
  • SAN FTO 011 Thermostat

    Thermostat - dual

    Type ZR 011 comprising two separate thermostats, allowing the independent control of heating and cooling or other equipment
  • SAN FTD Thermostat

    Thermostat - tamperproof dual

    Type FTD 011 - Two thermostats in one housing
  • SAN FZK thermostat

    Thermostat - mechanical

    Type FZK 011 - mechanical thermostat used for controlling heating and cooling equipment, filter fans or signal devices where a higher degree of sensing accuracy is required.
  • SAN ETR 011

    Thermostat - electronic

    Type ETR 011 - electronic thermostat is used for controlling heating and cooling equipment, filter fans or signal devices.
  • SAN ET 011 Thermostat

    Thermostat - electronic

    Type ET 011 (DC 24V) - an electronic thermostat for regulating high performance DC 24V equipment.
  • SAN ETL 011

    Thermostat - electronic

    Type ETL 011 - electronic thermostat used for controlling heating and cooling equipment, filter fans or signal devices through the relay SM 010 or a similar device.
  • SAN MFR Hygrostat

    Hygrostat - mechanical

    Type MFR 012 - electromechanical hygrostat is designed to control the relative humidity inside enclosures.
  • SAN EFR 012 Hygrostat

    Hygrostat - electronic

    Type EFR 012 - electronic hygrostat sensing the relative humidity in an enclosure  and turning on a heater at the set point, helping prevent the formation of condensation in the enclosure. The integrated LED is lit when the connected device is in operation.
  • SAN EFL 011

    Hygrostat - electronic

    Type EFL 012 - electronic hygrostat used for controlling heating and cooling equipment, filter fans or signal devices through the relay SM 010 or a similar device.
  • SAN ETF 012 hygrotherm

    Hygrotherm - electronic

    Type ETF 012 - senses the ambient temperature and relative air humidity in an enclosure.
  • SAN SM 010 Electronic Relay

    Relay - electronic

    Type SM 010 (DC 24V & DC 48V) - electronic relay used for switching high powered DC operated equipment, such as heaters, up to 16 amps.
  • SAN FixTherm96

    Electrical Thermostat

    Type FixTherm96
  • Ex Surface/room Thermostat

    -20 - +40°C.
  • SAN BTB Temperature limiter

    Ex Temperature Limiter

    Type BTB/BSTW - 16A EX temperature monitor BSTW / temperature limiter BTB/BSTB change-over controller housed in Ex e certified polyester enclosure. Heaters, fans, motors and other equipment are energised and de-energised by means of this thermostat when specific temperature ranges are exceeded.
  • SAN REX 011 explosion-proof thermostat

    Thermostat - explosion-proof

    Type REX 011 - high accuracy
  • Ex FixTherm96

    Thermostat - explosion-proof

    Type EX FixTherm96

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