BlueWire - Contact Wire De-Icing

Avoid Frozen Contact Wires with BlueWire System

Collage: Frozen contact wires. Problem solved with Blue Wire.

Massive ice on catenary system. Problem solved on contact wire using BlueWire.



BlueWire system eliminates the costly interruptions due to ice or frost accumulation on the contact wire for tramlines, light rail and trolley busses. No problem getting the trams out from depot every morning.

Ice on the contact wire/overhead line causes tramlines and light rails to loose power, generate damaging arcs, disturbing the modern engine control and destroying both the pantograph and the overhead wire. In severe cases the contact wire or even the entire catenary system may break down under the load of icing. The ice will in any cases cause arcing and lead to excessive wear to the pantograph conductors, and in worst cases lead to traffic delays and service disruption.

Use our system on areas where this problem occur like: along rivers, on bridges, at tunnel exits, at depots and up hill/down hill.

With our System BLUE WIRE de-icing system you achieve several advantages.


No ice and frost accumulation on the contact wire/overhead line

The efficient electrical heating of the contact wire/overhead line brings the temperature above freezing point.

Reduce the mechanical stress on the contact wire

No need for mechanically devices to remove ice

Get a chemical and work force free solution

With BlueWire you don't need to use an expensive pre-running car to remove ice before daily operation. There is no need for time limited gel or glycol to be added to the overhead wire where BlueWire is installed.

Quick and easy installation

The flexible silicone rubber sheath, the light weight and the triangle shape make installation easy.

High heating efficiency

The triangle shape of the heating element ensures maximum surface contact with the contact wire / overhead line.

Excellent performance

Using a UV resistant silicone rubber heat transferring jacket assures the best performance.

Control the system from a simple controller to an advanced controller using air temperature, wire temperature, humidity, dew point and / or weather forecast. Control systems that will monitor and report failures and ensure optimum energy saving/use.

Monitoring and control

The System BLUE WIRE wirelessly monitors the entire installation.

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