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Process Heaters - Air

High temperature process heaters for air and steam

The process heaters are manufactured in a special type of stainless steel, which withstands temperatures of more than 500°C. The heaters are divided into sections, and controlled by a PLC regulator, which monitors the temperature, the flow volume and the composition of the hot elements. We have different solutions for heating of air. They come in different sizes and can be ajusted to you needs. The heaters below are bigger examples.

Heaters for spray drying.

The closed coil heater below is a process air heater. I is used in food industry for spray draying of diary products . This electrical proces heater is benefitial to use in tempered environments as it is cold on the outside.

Compact design

The compact design makes it versatile and easy to install in different sites. It is especially good for low flows and when you want to increase the velosity of the air.

Air heater for low flows by SAN Electro Heat a/s

Closed Coil Heater

Heater for air and nitrogen

The heater below is great for high temperatures. It comes in different shapes and sized, but always in some sort of squared duct. It is used in many different industry sectors from food industry to plastic recycling.

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Operating Temp.


Square duct heater for process air heating

Square duct heater for process air heating


Member of NIBE Group

SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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