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Customer testimonial from SiccaDania

Electric Heaters for Spray Drying

In this interview, Lars Ejstrup, who is Project Group Manager for Small Scale Plants at SiccaDania, tells why they are happy with the long-standing collaboration with SAN Electro Heat, and not least, the heaters they buy.

The collaboration with SiccaDania

In the dynamic world of food production, SiccaDania stands as a beacon of innovation, providing customized solutions to global giants in the dairy, food, starch, and dietary supplement industries. At the heart of their success is a strategic partnership with SAN Electro Heat, whose electric heaters form the backbone of SiccaDania's spray drying systems, which spray dry a diverse range of essential ingredients from garlic and vanilla to flavours in beloved drinks like Fanta.

Electric Heaters for Spray Drying

Interview with Lars Ejstrup, Project Group Manager, Small Scale Plants, SiccaDania

Where do you use heaters from SAN Electro Heat?

SiccaDania uses heaters from SAN Electro Heat for spray drying systems used in the food and dairy industry, for e.g. ingredients and flavourings. Everything from garlic and vanilla to proteins and milk powder - everything you can imagine getting into your food. These are flavorings such as used in ready meals.

What types of heaters do you buy?

95% air heating and 5% heating cables.

We mostly buy direct flow heaters / square duct heaters and closed coil heaters. The closed coil heaters are ones we developed together with you (SAN Electro Heat) many years ago, because they are a bit specially designed. The idea is that we heat up the air that we take in. It takes some of the heat from the tubes that the heating elements are inside, and then they are heated up at the bottom. So we actually preheat them, but the advantage is that it is cold on the outside, that it is also used as insulation, because it draws in cold air, and then draws it around the heating elements, which are then quietly heated up, and then it gets the last shot in that tube that sits inside.

What are the heaters used for?

The heaters are used in spray drying systems. We have to heat air to approx. 200°C. The temperature depends on the product, but typically it is between 170°C to approx. 220°C.

We typically use the Closed Coil Heater to heat our process air.

Compact Design Saves Space

What do you like about our heaters?

The heaters are reliable, they work when we need them. The best thing about your closed coil heater is that it fits our design. If I went out and got any other type of heater of 15kW, it would be square and somewhat larger in dimensions than SAN's heater, also I would have difficulty making our compact design.

Quick Answers

What are you happy about the collaboration with SAN Electro Heat?

We get quick feedback on what we ask about. If I need an answer to something, I get it here and now, and if it's offers, we get them within a few days, even if I haven't asked for it quickly.

About SiccaDania

SiccaDania supplies spray drying plants to some of the world's largest producers of food. They create optimal solutions in drying, evaporation and process lines for the dairy, food, starch, and dietary supplement industries globally. They offer specialized stainless-steel installations, including tanks, process lines and piping systems.

SiccaDania was founded in 2014 and the collaboration with SAN Electro Heat started in 2015.


Member of NIBE Group

SAN Electro Heat a/s was founded in 1950 in Copenhagen. Today we are situated in North Sealand and we are part of the Swedish NIBE Group.

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