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Flange heater battery

The Flange Heater Battery is engineered to efficiently heat a variety of media including water, corrosive fluids, gases, air, oil, and food. Versatile and robust, this heater is suitable for a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to gas conversion projects.

Flange heater battery


  • Easy Installation: Simplified setup process ensures quick integration into your system.
  • Fast and Easy Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free upkeep, reducing downtime.
  • Quick Power to Media Transfer: Efficiently converts power to heat, maximizing performance.
Technical drawing of flange heater battery

Flange heater batteries are made according to customers needs and may vary from these images in many different ways.

Technical data

Flange heater Battery

Alternative Names

Flange Heater
Immersion Heater Battery
Flange Battery

Media Compatibility

Liquids: Water, Oil, Lube Oil, Corrosive Liquids, Lubrication Oil, Gear Oil, Diesel
Gases: Air


ATEX certification is possible

Power Range

5 kW to 2600 kW

Temperature in

From -50°C to 400/450°C (lower end depends on state of matter of the media)

Output Temperature

20°C to 600°C

Volume and Flow Capacity

Water: From 20,000 kg/h at 99°C & 1 bara to 10,000 kg/h at 180°C & 12 bara
Air: From ~5,200 kg/h at 100°C to 2,200 kg/h at 600°C
Capable of handling flows up to 126,000 kg/h


DN500PN10 2500+690 mm

Heating Element Types

RC8,5 – Round Ø8,5mm
RC10,2 – Round Ø10,2mm


Standard: 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Optional: 2.4858 (Incoloy 825), 2.4360 (Monel 400), 1.4541 (AISI 321)
Custom options available upon request

Pressure Applications

Suitable for pressures up to ~50 barg


Ranges from 0.5 to 3 meters

Flange heater battery tailored to your needs

All our immersion heaters can be delivered in requested: Voltage, power, and length and with flange or thread.

SAN immersion heaters can be delivered in materials according to request.

Why Choose Our Flange Heater Battery?

Our Flange Heater Battery is designed with precision and quality, ensuring reliable performance in diverse industrial applications. With a focus on ease of installation and maintenance, along with a broad compatibility range, this heater meets the highest standards of efficiency and durability.

Contact SAN Electro Heat today to learn more about how our Flange Heater Battery can enhance your heating processes.

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